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Fitch Loose 115LTR

Fitch Loose 115LTR

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Our Fitch Loose Pet Bedding is a Medium Length Strand pet bedding that is very absorbent and soft ,our bedding is warm and is ideal for dogs ,cats, rabbits, hamsters ,guinea pigs and many other animals. The paper is shredded into regular medium pieces , because of the process involved in making Fitch Loose this bale is larger and more loosely compacted giving a Jumbo bale in size 700mm x 550mm x 300mm weighing 9-10kgs approximately.

Fitch Loose Paper Based Pet Bedding is made with unbleached paper that is very soft and absorbent. Our paper is NOT from the potentially dangerous leftovers from reclaimed paper production (called "sludge," which has detectable levels of dioxin in it). Our paper is NOT from recycled paper that has been printed on either (which can also have toxic residues).

This paper is the "extras" from human food packaging.

Fitch Loose Jumbo Bale

115L (Compacted)700mm x 550mm x 300mm

Weight 9-10kgs 

*Weight will always vary, actual size is determined by usable volume NOT weight. The density of bedding may change, natural bedding is heavier than white bedding. However, even within the same type, the weight will differ.

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