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Cat Litter 30ltr

Cat Litter 30ltr

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Cj’s Premium Cat Litter 30L is one of the most popular cat litters in the market today. Made of 100% virgin softwood, this wood pellet cat litter is completely free from additives, glues, fragrances, and chemicals. The CJs cat litter has natural antibacterial properties, which helps to kill germs.

Moreover, these cat litter pellets leave no horrible smells and give off a lovely fresh natural pine fragrance. The CJ"s premium cat litter 30 litre is easy to handle, just shake the litter box to bring fresh pellets to the surface and remove any gifts left by your adorable fur baby. You can add dirty litter to your regular household waste as it is100% biodegradable and won’t fill up landfill sites. These kitty litter pellets are highly absorbent and will take up more than three times their own weight in liquid.

Best of all, this wood pellet cat litter does not stick in your four-legged friend’s fur to make it an ideal choice for long-haired breeds. These cat litter pellets offer a very soft bedding/litter for a variety of pets including rabbits, poultry, and reptiles. A little really goes a long way. You are recommended not to overfill the litter tray of your four-legged friend, as it can make your cat uncomfortable. The Cj’s Premium Cat Litter 30L is a must-have pet supply for every cat owner out there.

67.6(D) x 42(W) x 14.4(H)
Product Benefits
  • Made from the finest quality virgin softwood
  • Offers a pleasant fresh pine aroma
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
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