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Barrowbag Kiln Dried

Barrowbag Kiln Dried

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Our logs are hand picked from a selection of crates to give you a balanced assortment of logs, choosing your kiln dried logs can be a lottery this is why Fitch First have spent time finding the right supplier of kiln dried logs based on quality not price so you get the best. Use your logs with our Kamin briquettes and use less logs.

Great for use in wood burners, multifuel stoves, open fires, pizza ovens ,chimeneas etc.

Why not take a look at our own EziLite Fuel Briquettes, a great alternative fuel, ideal to mix with other fuels and keep the fire burning, click here to see EziLite on the fire

Kiln dried logs are sourced from managed forests which are subjected to the kiln process to produce a moisture content below 20% so they burn efficiently.  The Barrow Bag is a great way to buy kiln dried logs in bulk. The Barrow Bag will fit through a doorway or gateway for easy storage. Our kiln dried logs are typically  Birch and Oak or Ash

Barrow Bag size is w52cm x d52cm x h95cm ( 20" x 20" x 38" )

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