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4 x 20L Fitch Paper Pet Bedding(Out of the bag 4 x 60L)

4 x 20L Fitch Paper Pet Bedding(Out of the bag 4 x 60L)

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Fitch Paper Bedding 20L x 4 

Per Bale is condensed 20Litres (up to 3 times expanded) and measures approximately 42.0 x 26.0 x 18.0cm (physical size will vary)this makes this compact little bale ideal for people who are short of space.or for those who have had our larger bales who would like a more portable bale with less chance of spillages and contamination from unwanted pests

Fitch Pet Bedding. It is very absorbent,may vary in softness  and colour, our bedding is warm and is ideal for dogs,cats,rabbits,hamsters,guinea pigs and many other animals. The paper is shredded into small pieces of about 15-20mm, about the size of a stamp.

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